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Hello friends,
I do have other projects than this on my plate which are updated whenever I have time to work on them. I'm going to link to my other blog as well as my silly personal accounts here so that you can see the what else I'm up to. I promise I'm not 100% obsessed with promoting science and rationalism.


I also write about some technology stuff! I started this blog while still working on my undergrad at UCSD and was frustrated that I couldn't get any good Linux support from the campus IT department. After spending hours researching obscure issues and bugs, looking for fixes to the types of problems I just happened to run into in life, I started writing my solutions down because I'd spend a few hours, days, weeks working on finding a solution then forget how I had done it when I reformatted my laptop. Somewhat shockingly, other people online found my blog useful. I continue to write here now and then when I run into computer troubles, when I test new software, and when people ask me questions about tech that I think would make a good article.

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